Many bug fixes and improvement in todays update:
  • Dynamic ports now support custom labels
  • Fixed a problem when port on a group of components got broken when you remove export port from inside.
  • Fixed a problem when Log widget settings tab crushed the browser tab.
  • Fixed the scroll in the Console panel to not jump
  • Fixed Log widget performance on large number of incoming events
  • Backspace key is now works the same as Delete key.
  • Improved Code Editor widget to send the output as soon as the widget is initialized.
  • Components with errors are now visible and display the related error description.
  • Fixed a problem when switching between apps breaks editor in Development mode.
  • Fixed Kelp Stream Connection component when it was not sending the CONNECT frame correctly.
  • Performance improvements of schema rendering in dev mode.. Now Kelp can support tens of thousands of nodes and groups.
  • Refactored context actions menu for nodes and wires.
  • Added Cut action on schema editor (use
    Cut in
    context menu to cut the selected components).
  • Cleanup of component's
    dialog layout.
  • Fixed a problem panning left in edit mode causing browser to trigger back button action (Mac)
  • Removed wires red blinking animation on error, it slows down the editor ;-(
  • Improved the performance of the Log widget.