Docs for KelpQL functions
We've added docs for all KelpQL functions and support for inline contextual help in Transformation dialog. Now you can see the available KelpQL functions with their signatures right in the Transformation dialog. Oh, and we also added many examples for each and every function! Check out the KelpQL documentation
Here's a treat for you all! Straight from the Santa's Sleigh, we just released a new update for Kelp with a bunch of cool features.
  • Introducing KelpQL - upgrade to JmesPath transformation language. New functions, syntax highlight, typeahead, and integrated help. It's so cool we decided to give it a new name. We will be posting more details and examples over the next weeks. Stay tuned.
  • full support of BlueprintJS UI component library. Widgets in Kelp can now support form elements, sliders, popovers, dialogs, and many more. Expect new and good looking widgets in the library.
  • support database connections using JDBC interface
  • Clean up of the Sign in and Registration flow. No more cryptic emails from "your Administrator".
  • Search on Kelp Docs ( site.
  • fix for a nasty problem with jumping cursor while typing into an edit field
  • fixed the editing mode in Safari.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • set 10mb limit on the size of app config and static data inside constants (String, JSON, etc.)
  • fixed a problem with copying content from component settings dialog
  • drill down and highlight the searched component when clicking on the search results
  • upgrade to Card widget. Introduced the support for custom icons, colors, intents and tooltips.
  • Table widget support for canvas preview mode
  • fixed rendering issues on canvas preview mode for Vega Chart widget.
  • fixed a problem while searching connections on HTTP Credentials component dialog.
  • added line wrapping for text areas in component's settings dialog
  • fixed an issue when scrolling in List widget was triggering the page scroll
Kelp docs 📖
Kelp documentation is here! Work on it is still underway and we'd love for you to try it out. To learn how to get started with Kelp go to
Preparing the release of the documentation we did a major cleanup and refactoring of the components library. Many components were renamed to better reflect their purpose and place in the library.
Shoot us a message or create a request on our new Kelp board for feedback.
Many bug fixes and improvement in todays update:
  • Dynamic ports now support custom labels
  • Fixed a problem when port on a group of components got broken when you remove export port from inside.
  • Fixed a problem when Log widget settings tab crushed the browser tab.
  • Fixed the scroll in the Console panel to not jump
  • Fixed Log widget performance on large number of incoming events
  • Backspace key is now works the same as Delete key.
  • Improved Code Editor widget to send the output as soon as the widget is initialized.
  • Components with errors are now visible and display the related error description.
  • Fixed a problem when switching between apps breaks editor in Development mode.
  • Fixed Kelp Stream Connection component when it was not sending the CONNECT frame correctly.
  • Performance improvements of schema rendering in dev mode.. Now Kelp can support tens of thousands of nodes and groups.
  • Refactored context actions menu for nodes and wires.
  • Added Cut action on schema editor (use
    Cut in
    context menu to cut the selected components).
  • Cleanup of component's
    dialog layout.
  • Fixed a problem panning left in edit mode causing browser to trigger back button action (Mac)
  • Removed wires red blinking animation on error, it slows down the editor ;-(
  • Improved the performance of the Log widget.
Connect to
Kelp Stream component now supports connection to (Kafka).
Connections page update
Improvements and updates to the
  • Fixed broken icons on the list of created connections.
  • Added preview dialog for existing connections. Just click on the connection in the list.
  • Added more Connection presets
  • Fixed broken links to docs articles
Transformation improvements
Transformations on wire is a distinctive Kelp feature. It helps to simplify integration between components. We have just released a few improvements to the transformation dialog and transformation handling:
  • You can now see which transformation has an error. The wire will be highlighted in red.
  • The query editor is now more powerful 💪. It supports indentation, code highlight, block collapsing and line numbers.
  • More space for query editor and minor usability improvements.
More upgrades to transformation dialog are coming. Stay tuned!
BlueprintJS integration
We're excited to launch a completely reworked Kelp visual component system based on mighty BlueprintJS UI toolkit. Some widgets and Kelp interface elements already enjoy new foundation. Expect more cool elements and new widgets to come in the near future as we progress through the complete visual redesign of the platform.
Kelp debugging Console
Being able to debug your app is a key capability for any IDE and a core skill for every developer. We strive to make debugging experience in Kelp as smooth as possible. Today we introduce the new and improved debugging
in Kelp!
  • Record events on any wire by simply clicking
  • Pin subset of wires to always show the events from them in the Console.
  • Click on the event to scroll to the corresponding wire.
  • Filter out signal and data events.
  • Switch between
    transformation for wires with transformations.
  • Click to copy any event to the clipboard.
  • Watch the events in the Console even in app preview mode.
HTTP component updates
Major improvements of HTTP component. It's now supports two types of path parameter processing methods. You will be able to choose between simpler Path parameters with {param} and more powerful Path RegExp. It will now enable you to work with API endpoints with ":" in the URL (some Google API endpoints for example). Read more.
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