Here's a treat for you all! Straight from the Santa's Sleigh, we just released a new update for Kelp with a bunch of cool features.
  • Introducing KelpQL - upgrade to JmesPath transformation language. New functions, syntax highlight, typeahead, and integrated help. It's so cool we decided to give it a new name. We will be posting more details and examples over the next weeks. Stay tuned.
  • full support of BlueprintJS UI component library. Widgets in Kelp can now support form elements, sliders, popovers, dialogs, and many more. Expect new and good looking widgets in the library.
  • support database connections using JDBC interface
  • Clean up of the Sign in and Registration flow. No more cryptic emails from "your Administrator".
  • Search on Kelp Docs ( site.
  • fix for a nasty problem with jumping cursor while typing into an edit field
  • fixed the editing mode in Safari.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • set 10mb limit on the size of app config and static data inside constants (String, JSON, etc.)
  • fixed a problem with copying content from component settings dialog
  • drill down and highlight the searched component when clicking on the search results
  • upgrade to Card widget. Introduced the support for custom icons, colors, intents and tooltips.
  • Table widget support for canvas preview mode
  • fixed rendering issues on canvas preview mode for Vega Chart widget.
  • fixed a problem while searching connections on HTTP Credentials component dialog.
  • added line wrapping for text areas in component's settings dialog
  • fixed an issue when scrolling in List widget was triggering the page scroll